​Ascension Medicine

Ascension Practices Transformatio​​​​​nal Membership Community

​Ascension Medicine

Ascension Practices Transformatio​​​​​nal Membership Community

​The word Ascension...

Refers to the rapidly elevating levels of energy and consciousness surrounding the Earth now, and deeply affecting all of us.  These up-leveling energies are raising our consciousness levels.  It is also acting like a massive spiritual purge, pulling all manner of buried and repressed emotions and conflicts from our sub-conscious minds to the surface.  

Ascension is affecting people in wildly different ways, depending on whether they are welcoming it and going with the flow, or fearing change and resisting it.  Practitioners who are learning to recognize the kinds of pains, diseases and breakdowns associated with these shifts in consciousness, and how to effectively help people having these experiences, are creating a new field we can call Ascension Medicine.  

In this video blog I share some details about Ascension and ways practitioners can start responding more knowledgeably and effectively to their anxious and stressed-out clients.


​Learn to ​Become More Aware

Mystery ​Schools have existed through recorded human history

If you feel inwardly drawn to be part of Bridge to Mastery it is likely that your soul has participated in this sacred knowledge before and it is now your time to re-member it and progress further.

Develop Your Ability To Create Lasting Change In Your Clients

Bridge to Mastery is a continuing education school for professionals who  live their life from a place of deep love and awakened consciousness.  Cultivating these qualities while learning to deploy advanced treatment protocols leads to clinical mastery.  It also brings greater personal fulfillment and financial abundance.


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