August  2  -  6, 2019 (32 CEUS)

Activate Your Higher Healing Energy Retreat

Retreat Theme: Embodying the Ascension

The Activate Your Higher Healing Energy Retreats are deeply transformative, heart-opening and fun. By participating you will learn new, powerful healing and rejuvenation methods you can use professionally. Join us and experience a quantum leap in your abilities!

About Darren Starwynn, O.M.D

Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. is an Ascension teacher, Quantum Healer and Director of Bridge to Mastery Consciousness Institute.  The author of three groundbreaking books and inventor of advanced energy healing devices used worldwide, Darren has led hundreds of seminars, retreats and workshops since 1990.

Participants love Darren’s workshops because he has a gift for integrating practical teaching and professional skill building with high-level spiritual transmissions and activations, all in a lighthearted, relaxed environment.

The August retreat will be held at Mount Madonna Center near Santa Cruz, California, a beautiful mountain retreat center. See comments from satisfied attendees of the last two BTM retreats below.

32 CEUS are offered for Acupuncturists and Florida Massage Therapists. This retreat is about gaining new, higher-level healing skills and learning to live as a Sovereign being. By participating you will create a new momentum in your life of higher vibration with greater ease, flow and abundance. You will not be the same after participating in this deeply transformative event! 32 CEUs are offered for licensed acupuncturists.

My personal growth was exponential! I’ll be transforming the way I work”
Caryn Carroll, Acupuncturist, Ventura, CA

Retreat activities and experiences include:

  • Elevate your frequency and deepen your love by participating in group meditations and Merkaba Light Body Activations
  • Experience deep personal healing and clearing by accessing and clearing unconscious programs that could out-picture as self-sabotage, fatigue, sickness, chronic pain, financial stress or other limiting factors.
  • Open your intuitive spiritual channels so you more easily see beyond the 3-D material level
  • Release poverty consciousness implants through powerful group process
  • Enjoy Heart-opening Cacao ceremony
  • Increase your Teacher / Leadership abilities
  • Enjoy meditative nature hikes on gorgeous Mount Madonna
  • Express your creativity through interactive group processes
  • Take some quiet time for rest and renewal
  • And have some surprises full of fun and laughter

Hands-on healing skills you will learn at the retreat:

If you are a healthcare professional you can use the new skills you will learn that are listed below as valuable income-producing services

  • Bring out your innate master healer through intensive practice of Quantum Healing – attunements, guided practice and energetic clearing as needed to expand your abilities
  • Experience and learn both the inner and outer arts of rejuvenation through use of energy healing, DNA activation, microcurrent and light therapies.
  • Assemblage Point sensing and alignment: Learn this powerful shamanic healing method. This is the most rapid way to release anxiety, depression and over-active mind using a crystal wand. (Crystal wands for this purpose will be available for purchase at the retreat)
  • Learn to heal through spiritual transmission via your Divine, higher self
  • Confidently release the imprints of trauma using Quantum Healing and vibrational medicine techniques
  • Practice Multi-Dimensional Clearing and Healing: Learn to identify and clear the deeper, often hidden roots of pain and disease that are missed by most practitioners
  • Learn and practice the art of skillful verbal dialogue with clients

Watch Videos About Retreats

How to Adjust the Assemblage Point

Content of the Retreat

The Art of Inner Rejuvenation


Comments from attendees of July 2018 retreat

Photos from Past Retreats


Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

Darren’s greatest passion is empowering healthcare professionals and healers to awaken their consciousness, empower their skills and fulfill their highest potential for business success. He has been working on the leading edge of consciousness since his teenage years when he traveled to India to study with a spiritual master. Since then Darren has had a long career as acupuncturist, inventor, writer, healer and teacher, integrating therapeutic systems from around the world. He has written three groundbreaking books, led hundreds of workshops and seminars, invented several vibrational devices used worldwide and helped develop advanced mind-body healing systems. 

Thousands of people have been directly or indirectly touched by Darren's offerings, and he has inspired many colleagues to expand the scope of their work to include energy medicine and consciousness-based healing systems. His healing work integrates vibrational technologies with multi-dimensional quantum healing to help people rapidly release old trauma, pain and limitations to their full, joyful self-expression. His workshops and retreats weave laughter and playfulness into deep transformational whole brain learning.