16 11, 2018

Three Ways Trauma Hijacks Intimacy

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by Darren Starwynn In this article, you will learn three ways that the brains of people who have been through trauma can hijack their ability to enjoy intimate relationships.  I will also discuss new, exciting healing methods that can help free people from these painful patterns. Being in love is one the most beautiful and [...]

4 11, 2018

The Modern Epidemic of PTSD, and a More Effective Method for Resolving It

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By Darren Starwynn In this article you will learn about a new way to understand the roots of the current epidemic of chronic stress and PTSD in our culture.  After this introduction I will present a new method for helping to resolve pernicious stress that is showing a high level of effectiveness, even after other [...]

4 11, 2018

It can be a pain treating chronic pain: a multi-modal way to increase treatment confidence

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by Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. The treatment of acute pain from new or recent injuries is relatively straightforward most of the time.  It’s mainly a matter of preventing infection, relieving inflammation and letting the healing process takes its course.  Chronic pain is much harder to treat because there are way more unknown factors.  In cases of [...]