21 11, 2018

What a great time to go on retreat! Activate your higher healing energy November 30 – December 4

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Imagine spending five days unplugged from current events and the demands of your life with an amazing group of heart-centered holistic practitioners in a gorgeous, sacred retreat center.  You have the time and support to do more of your own inner consciousness work plus get in touch with your deeper healing and leadership abilities.  You [...]

16 11, 2018

Placebos, Presence and the Zero Point

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by Darren Starwynn Those of us in the holistic health professions spend a huge amount of time learning techniques and methods and in many cases are given professional licenses based on our ability to remember and accurately apply them.  All well and good, yet there are other, less tangible factors that may be as important, [...]

16 11, 2018

What is Quantum Healing?

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By Darren Starwynn There could be many answers to the question of “what is Quantum Healing?”  Some could be: It is an energy healing system based on Quantum science It is a spiritual experience It is magic All of these are a part of what Quantum healing (QH) is.  In this brief writing I will [...]

4 11, 2018

Seven Super Simple Steps to Inner Peace

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by Darren Starwynn If you find it hard to truly relax… If you find yourself rushing from one thing to another and then collapsing in exhaustion at the end of the day.. If you often feel like there’s a committee having frequent meetings in your head.. If you wish you could meditate but feel like [...]

4 11, 2018

Seven Keywords for Healing Your Mind – a Technology of Consciousness

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by Darren Starwynn This blog post is an excerpt from Darren’s book  Reclaiming Your Calm Center Inner peace?  These words have often become thought of as a trite phrase that few people take seriously.  More food for a Sunday church sermon or New Age book cover than something we can experience for real. The main reason [...]

3 11, 2018

The Two Sides of Awakening

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by Darren Starwynn You are much more powerful than you know. Many people in the healing and spiritual communities have been talking and meditating on “Awakening”.  In this short writing I will share what I feel is an important distinction about this. Yes, we awaken from sleep to waking state every morning, and we take [...]