What a great time to go on retreat! Activate your higher healing energy November 30 – December 4

Imagine spending five days unplugged from current events and the demands of your life with an amazing group of heart-centered holistic practitioners in a gorgeous, sacred retreat center.  You have the time and support to do more of your own inner consciousness work plus get in touch with your deeper healing and leadership abilities.  You enjoy giving and receiving many healing sessions full of transformation, light and deep clearing when necessary, learning new, powerful skills you can bring back to your own clients.  You also spend plenty of time laughing, playing, hiking and relaxing.  If you are an acupuncturist you earn 32 CEUS doing all this great stuff.  Best of all you get more clear on what your higher purpose is so you are able to share more of your unique soul gifts with others.

Sound good?  If so that is exactly what will be happening at the upcoming Activate Your Higher Healing Energy retreat that will take place at Mount Madonna center near Santa Cruz, CA starting November 30.  There are still four spaces open at the retreat.

Recharging through periodic retreats has been a vital part of the lives of healers, leaders, teachers, spiritual practitioners and creative people since ancient times.   Sometimes we don’t realize just how stressed we have been until we step out of our day to day routine and give ourselves the chance to unwind and reboot our body and mind.  This is a retreat that offers a balance between personal healing and rejuvenation with learning practical clinical skills.  That is why CEUS can be offered.

Retreat facilitator Darren Starwynn has led hundreds of seminars, workshops and retreats since 1990.  He is dedicated to supporting each participant in gaining the maximum benefit from this retreat experience.  Past retreat attendees have had life-changing experiences, and many are reporting practicing on a higher level of confidence, consciousness and clinical results since attending.

For details on the retreat visit the web page, or call 1.415.888.3891.


I thought it was terrific.  I was so impressed and inspired by the high level of everyone there.  You have really gathered an impressive group of students.  The information was clear and powerfully delivered.  Great flow of curriculum and plenty of time to practice.  I will be using the chakra balancing method I learned there and the Merkaba meditation.”   Conde Freeman, Acupuncturist

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