Bridge to Mastery Certification Program

Bridge to Mastery offers an optional program to work toward certification as a Quantum Healer.  Students earn this certification through active participation in one year (2 semesters) of the BTM program and completing all requirements.

Q: What is the value of this certification as a Quantum Healer?

A: Darren Starwynn has been offering CEU seminars to the acupuncture and alternative medical community for over 25 years, and is a recognized expert in the field of vibrational therapies. With rapidly growing awareness of quantum physics and various forms of quantum healing, certification as a Quantum Healer is a valuable recognition.

The certification program is an option. It is possible to attend the BTM program without working toward certification. This may be preferable for those who enjoy the learning and resources of the program but prefer a lesser commitment. 

Bridge to Mastery is a modern mystery school that empowers health care professionals to fulfill their lives on multi-dimensional levels. Therefore the requirements for certification encompass all four pillars of mastery. All of the certification requirements are for your direct benefit. Required time commitment is kept light in recognition of the fact that most of us are busy, engaged professionals without a lot of free time.

Here is an overview of the requirements for certification:

There is a $250 fee assessed in addition to regular school tuition to help cover extra staff time required to guide you through the certification process.  This must be paid with your application for certification.

Pillar One: Healing with consciousness and universal energy

  • 1
    Apply yourself to learning and practicing the methods of Quantum Healing taught through the Bridge to Mastery home learning program and live retreats.  This includes clinical practice as well as maintaining a daily meditation and self-healing practice.  This is necessary because you can only facilitate healing in others to the depth you have cleared and loved yourself.
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    Treat at least 10 clients with Quantum Healing during each 6 month semester (20 total cases throughout the year-long program)   Document each case using forms provided.  It is OK if you combine Quantum Healing with other therapeutic modalities for these cases.

Pillar Two: Vibrational Treatment Protocols

You fulfill this requirement by choosing a focus area of significant interest and developing greater mastery in evaluating and treating it.  You can select a focus of treatment in any of these areas: chronic pain, a specific disease, rejuvenation, psychology, intuitive arts, trauma, physical conditioning and more.

 A simple written thesis is required for completion.  This is a short document you write up that details what you have learned about treating your chosen condition or specialty.  You are also required to write up a minimum of 5 case histories of actual clients you treat who have this condition.  You are encouraged to present your thesis, or one or more of your clinical cases at one of the BTM live retreats.

Pillar Three: Personal Healing and Transformation

Commit to using the Block Clearing process and lovingkindness for yourself to transform blocks or resistances that come up within yourself as you develop your Quantum Healing abilities.   Blocks are psychic/energetic complexes that divert you from awakening your consciousness and developing your healer abilities.  Common blocks include self-doubt, lack of self-worth, apathy, health issues that appear out of nowhere, financial struggles and other “weapons of mass distraction”.

If you are dealing with any ongoing personal health issues you can choose to focus this part of your certification program on investigating optimal ways to heal yourself.  BTM offers many powerful external and internal healing methods.  You may learn other valuable methods that you can use and share with other students.

 You will be asked to maintain a written journal of your personal healing and transformation experiences during the year-long program.  A one to two page summary of these experience must be submitted to your supervisor prior to completing certification.

Pillar Four: Mastering Money and Client Attraction

During each of the two 6-month semesters you will be required to plan and take one significant action to expand your income or improve your business.  This will entail writing up a goal and simple business plan and then using the methods taught through the school or elsewhere to implement it.  One of the quickest and most effective ways to do this is through creating packages of services and restructuring your fees as taught in Module Four of the Home Learning Program.

To make this process as simple and fun as possible, you will be able to bust out much of the planning and writing work during group webinars and through working with your study partner.

To apply for certification, email Darren at and request it.