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Private Mentorship Packages

Contact me about Bridge to Mastery private mentorship packages

Starting $12,000

Quantum Healing & Coaching Program
(Four Months)

Powerful package includes 8 lessons, group calls and private sessions.

Quantum Healing Certification Program

 Includes Home Learning Program and Activate Your Healing Energy in-person retreats. See below for details and tution

Quantum Healing Certification Program

Semester One: March 2019 through August, 2019

Semester Two: September 2019 through January, 2020

The Bridge to Mastery program is structured so that new students can enroll at most times of the year, not only during these listed semester start dates. This will be explained in detail during your initial interview.

Bridge to Mastery is a results-oriented program.  Participants will be able to demonstrate increased abilities and progress in each of these four areas they choose to work with:

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    Healing with consciousness and universal energy (Quantum Healing)
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    Effective vibrational treatment protocols
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    Personal healing and transformation
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    Mastering money and client attraction

Bridge to Mastery offers both a Home Learning Program and Activate Your Healing Energy live retreats.  You can participate in whichever parts you choose.  See How it Works for details on these offerings.

Participating for two semesters (one year) and fulfilling all requirements leads to certification  as a Quantum Healer.  Working toward certification is recommended, but optional.

The Home Learning Program includes:

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    Powerful online video lessons and worksheets that you work through at your own pace.  These lessons draw from the “best of the best” of:
  • Quantum healing facilitation - ancient and new systems
  • Vibrational medical protocols (therapies using microcurrent, light and sound healing)
  • Tools for accelerated personal healing
  • Esoteric knowledge
  • Proven methods for building a successful, fulfilling business.
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    Bi-weekly live conference calls
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    Connecting with other masters-in-training through the online forum and study buddy partnerships
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    Periodic interactive virtual seminars held through Zoom conference.  You get a lot accomplished in a short time by working with study partners in virtual breakout rooms.

Both the Bridge to Mastery home learning program and retreat provided me with concrete experience of how to increase my healing abilities through a deeper understanding of the quantum field and what a valuable part it plays in both the abilities of the healer to facilitate a healing experience and the ability of the patient to receive the healing frequencies.

Judith Hazelett


2018 Retreats

Retreat 1:      July 20 - 23, 2018

Retreat 2:      November 30 - December 4, 2018

Both take place at retreat centers in Northern California in gorgeous natural settings.

Activate Your Healing Energy live retreats include: 

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    Hands-on practice of advanced Quantum Healing
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    Hands-on practice of vibrational medicine evaluation and treatment methods using microcurrent and light therapies.
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     Learning to integrate clinical techniques and technologies with Quantum energy healing.
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    Earning acupuncture CEUs (other professional CEUs may be applied for, ask)
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    Immersion in an elevated Quantum Field of light that accelerates your learning and facilitates personal breakthrough healing experiences
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    Group meditation
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    Yoga, movement, Qi Gong
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    Sharing patient cases and protocols
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    Building and activating your Light Body
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    Time for hiking and exercise in gorgeous natural locations
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    Healing your emotional body through introspective and group processes
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    Lots of music, laughter and fun!

I was so impressed and inspired by the high level of everyone there. You have really gathered an impressive group of students. The information was clear and powerfully delivered. Great flow of curriculum and plenty of time to practice. I will be using the chakra balancing method I learned there and the Merkaba meditation.

Conde Freeman

Acupuncturist, Mill Valley, CA

The retreat was amazing! So much got communicated verbally and non. It was great being able to try out new skills and practice with the group. It felt so joyful and healing to be with that group, that feels like my tribe.

Sharon Neilon

Hypnotherapist, Healer

How to Apply:

1. Fill out initial application for admission – click here to open. No payment needed with application.

2.  You will receive a response within 5 business days, and if accepted will be invited to set up a phone interview with Darren Starwynn, head instructor. During this interview you will discuss your vision for your healing work, personal goals and any special needs or interests you have.

3. If after this interview you are approved to move forward with enrollment and wish to do so final arrangements will be made for entry into Bridge to Mastery.



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