For acupuncturists and holistic practitioners: The Quantum way to increase your value and the amount you can charge for your services

Many of us have invested considerable amounts of time and money into marketing our businesses, or taking courses about how to do that, without seeing much lasting increase in our incomes.  This message is about a way to increase your financial flow by making a fundamental shift in the consciousness you do your work in.  These are principles any practitioner can implement who is willing to change some of their beliefs about reality and what is possible.

As a society we live within a “dream” largely based on looking outside of ourselves for love, success and fulfillment.  Within this dream we are consciously aware of only a small part of who we really are. A respected teacher recently stated that we are only aware of about 5% of the totality of our being, while remaining only dimly aware of our other 95%.  Most marketing trainings try to train you how to more effectively connect with people through the 5% of their consciousness that they identify with.  That is a difficult path because there is so much competition for that 5% of people’s attention.

So I’m not going to talk about marketing in this post.  This is about your true value.

Let’s start with a vital question – what is your value to those you serve?  Value is the real thing you have to offer that is truly “valued” by others.  The higher they perceive your value the more they are willing to invest their time and money toward receiving what you offer.

Although you may be professionally known as an acupuncturist, physician, counselor or holistic healer people don’t really come to you for the clinical techniques you perform.  They come (or better yet, return) because of the positive transformations they experience working with you.  So it is accurate to say that it is the RESULTS you create that determine your value in the eyes of your clientele.

This then brings up an important question – how can I raise the level of the positive transformations my work brings to people?   One of the best ways I know is to integrate the art multi-dimensional Quantum Healing into whatever else you are doing.  I will go over why this is valuable, and a little about how it works.

Let’s say that an acupuncturist named Jerry has completed his acupuncture training, gotten licensed and then went on to do additional study in specialties of functional medicine, nutrition and frequency-specific microcurrent.  He now possesses considerable skills for evaluating and treating patients with complex medical issues.  If he really applies himself he can create a busy practice and produce many positive results.  End of story?

Maybe not.  There are increasing numbers of people seeking care whose distress originates in the 95% of their being that may not be adequately addressed by Jerry’s hard-earned skills.  These are the patients who keep cycling through pain and dis-ease issues even though they have received a long series of well-chosen, skilled therapies from a variety of professionals. They could be presenting with some combination of anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, loss of clear purpose, hormonal imbalances and more.

If Jerry perceives that he needs to gain more skill in treating emotional disorders he could go back to school again and study some form of energetic psychology.  Yet even psychology works on relatively superficial levels of mind compared to the depth from which much of peoples issues are arising.

Our pains and diseases, and the medical and healing systems we have evolved to treat them, are still largely based within the dualistic “dream” of our culture.  As useful as our interventions are their long-term efficacy is limited as long as they are part of the duality of problem-solution-problem-solution .  This is not to minimize the valuable services you are offering – what I am writing about is the possibility of adding a transcendent quality to your work that can catalyze a deeper level of healing based in empowerment and awakening of consciousness.

This kind of healing is known by many names.  The one I use are Quantum Healing, multi-dimensional healing or 5D (Fifth Dimensional) healing.  All of these names point to a field of consciousness that transcends the dualistic basis of our suffering and search for solutions.

How important is this?  Consider that U.S. health care spending reached $3.3 trillion, or $10,348 per person in 2016[i].  Yet the US only ranks #29 in the world in terms of quality of healthcare and access to it[ii].  So we are spending way more on healthcare than any other country on Earth, yet are lagging way behind in the overall results produced by it.

Of course we in the holistic healing professions usually consider what we do to be healthier alternatives to allopathic medical treatment.  This is well justified because holistic and energy-based methods often do a better job treating the overall person, and not just trying to control their symptoms.  There is also often a higher level of heart-centered personal caring in our work which goes a long way.

It is my observation, however that many people receiving skilled acupuncture, holistic or integrative therapies are often still missing some vital aspects of care they need to clear the deeper causes of their suffering and transition into a more fulfilling life.  This is where Quantum Healing comes in.

As an example, I recently worked with a young woman I’ll call Anne who was diagnosed as autistic and had lived with high levels of anxiety and social issues throughout her life.  Anne had already been through a gamut of medical, psychological and holistic therapies.  These had helped her on various levels, but she was still experiencing major challenges.  During our session I adjusted Anne’s Assemblage Point which produced an immediate sense of peace and calm, and then did a Quantum Healing session to help her identify and clear some persistent negative influences.  She also received light therapy to balance her chakras.  Anne noticed feeling a lot lighter and freer after the session, and this experience has continued.

Offering Quantum services increases your value to your clients and sets you apart from others offering more conventional treatments.  During these times of rapid and often unsettling changes practitioners are in high demand who can offer multi-dimensional services that address the core of people’s true needs.  This trend will only increase.

Quantum Healing Tools

Quantum Healing is the practice of working within a field of undifferentiated consciousness and higher light to accelerate physical and emotional healing.

Below are descriptions of three Quantum Healing tools that I and other practitioners have found to be remarkably valuable for addressing missing elements of allopathic and holistic care.

  1. Working within the Quantum Field

While this may sound esoteric it is actually a practical skill that you could start working with in a short amount of time.  By learning a series of simple steps any sincere practitioner can develop the confidence and “feel” to extend a field of transcendent light throughout their treatment room.  What this does is uplift the consciousness of both client and practitioner in a subtle, yet tangible way.  It also creates a sweet sense of safety that makes it easier for clients to open up to disconnected or traumatized parts of themselves.

I can’t express in words what a huge difference this makes in my clinical practice.  Once you set up the Quantum Field you can go ahead and do any of your clinical techniques and it is likely that, like me, you will see more effective, multi-dimensional outcomes.  Before I learned Quantum Healing I felt more insecure about my ability to produce results for the types of complex issues my patients were bringing to me.  My confidence and enjoyment has increased a great deal now that I am doing Quantum work.  Why?  Because it works.

  1. Multi-Dimensional Clearing

As stated above most of us only identify with a small percentage of the totality of who we really are.  Much of the true causative factors of chronic pain, disease and depression remain hidden to the majority of practitioners and their patients.  Multi-Dimensional Clearing is a systematic method using dowsing (energetic testing) and intuitive dialogue to discover what the significant hidden factors are that have been preventing someone from fully healing.  Once these causative factors are identified they can be rapidly cleared through a combination of Quantum energy healing and client communication.  You can learn powerful strategies for coaching clients through freeing themselves and taking back their power of choice and sovereignty.

  1. Charging your treatment tools

Are you using microcurrent devices, acupuncture needles, lasers, tuning forks, diagnostic equipment or other healing tools?  While they look and feel physical to our senses they are really composed of fields of fluctuating sub-atomic particles and wave patterns, just like we are.  As such your treatment tools are strongly affected by love and consciousness.  You can use your power of intention to charge your tools (and even your whole office, car or anything else) with healing light that will uplift their frequency to the Quantum level.  And guess what – the more you do this the more effective your tools can become.  This is a very positive form of magic!

These are just a few of the Quantum Healing tools I use in my practice and teach to colleagues.

If what you read here inspires you to learn more there are new opportunities to do so.  I have recently created two new programs for training practitioners in offering Quantum Healing while experiencing profound healing transformations for themselves.  Here are links about these new programs:

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