How it Works

The purpose of  Bridge to Mastery mystery school is to empower healthcare practitioners to uplift their healing abilities while expanding their income. There are two main aspects of the Bridge to Mastery school – the Home Learning Program and Activate Your Healing Energy live retreats.  Through a balance of personal home learning and periods of immersion in live group retreats you can make rapid progress, with in a time commitment that works for you.

The Home Learning Program includes:

  • Powerful online video lessons and worksheets that you work through at your own pace.  These lessons draw from the “best of the best” of:
  • Quantum healing facilitation
  • Vibrational medical protocols (therapies using microcurrent, light and sound healing)
  • Tools for accelerated personal healing
  • Esoteric knowledge
  • Proven methods for building a successful, fulfilling business.
  • Bi-weekly live conference calls
  • Connecting with other masters-in-training through the online forum and study buddy partnerships
  • Periodic interactive virtual seminars held through Zoom conference.  You get a lot accomplished in a short time by working with study partners in virtual breakout rooms.

Professionally, BTM has helped me tremendously with my patients by treating not only their manifestation but also the root of their issues. I have been able to grow my Acupuncture practice and also open other doors I did not know were available to me such as remote healing. This program also emphasizes the importance of self-healing and  I now incorporate that into my daily routine. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mylinh Tran

Tran-Quility Acupuncture, San Jose, CA

Activate Your Healing Energy live retreats include:

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    Hands-on practice of advanced Quantum Healing
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    Hands-on practice of vibrational medicine evaluation and treatment methods using microcurrent and light therapies.  Learning to integrate clinical techniques and technologies with Quantum energy healing.
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    Earning acupuncture CEUs (other professional CEUs may be applied for, ask)
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    Immersion in an elevated Quantum Field of light that accelerates your learning and facilitates personal breakthrough healing experiences
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    Group meditation
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    Yoga, movement, Qi Gong
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    Sharing patient cases and protocols
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    Building and activating your Light Body and Merkaba
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    Time for hiking and exercise in gorgeous natural locations
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    Healing your emotional body through introspective and group processes
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    Lots of music, laughter and fun!

I was so impressed and inspired by the high level of everyone there. You have really gathered an impressive group of students. The information was clear and powerfully delivered. Great flow of curriculum and plenty of time to practice. I will be using the chakra balancing method I learned there and the Merkaba meditation.

Conde Freeman

Acupuncturist, Mill Valley, CA

The retreat was amazing! So much got communicated verbally and non. It was great being able to try out new skills and practice with the group. It felt so joyful and healing to be with that group, that feels like my tribe.

Sharon Neilon

Hypnotherapist, Healer