Bridge To Mastery Institute Certification Program

Home Learning Program


  • 24/7 access to all Lessons and worksheets
  • Bi-weekly group Zoom conferences
  • Private Quantum healing and coaching session once a month
  • Private Forum and Knowledge Base
  • Bonus: 24/7 access to Microlight Institute member website with hundreds of microcurrent training videos archived and searchable

Home Learning Program

If registering for both semesters:

Semester One (6 month)


2797($400 off)

Semester Two (6 month)


2797($400 off)

One year program (both semesters):



In-Person Retreat tuition *

If registering for both semesters:

Retreat One



Retreat Two



Tuition for both 2019 retreats:


Space at retreats is limited to 25 people each and will fill up – register early!

Certification fee:


Full year tuition for all programs:

$7588 (Required for certification)

Financing options available, ask.

Special Offer for Four Month Quantum Healer program graduates: 

  • Get full credit toward Certification for all Lessons completed during the four month program
  • 100% of what you paid (less finance charges) for the four month program will be applied toward the Certification Program fees.
  • Simply subtract that amount from total shown here for Certification Program, register and then complete eight more months

Other offers may apply - check by filling out contact form below.

Comparison: The most popular year-long coaching and mentoring programs that include two live retreats typically cost $10,000 to $15,000 or more and rarely offer one to one sessions. Specialty medical training programs can run much higher. The tuition for Bridge to Mastery is kept much lower to make it affordable to holistic health professionals.

* Lodging and meals  are not included in retreat tuition. These costs are kept low with shared sleeping rooms.

How to Apply:

Fill out contact form to ask questions and receive a free series of educational videos containing key content of Bridge to Mastery, or to set up call to discuss program and any incentives being offered.

To request video series, check the “Send me free video series” box on the contact form and then fill out the request form. To request a complementary phone call type your phone number and best times to reach you into the contact form below and you will receive a response as soon as possible.

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