​Light Body Activation, Part 1

Few people even know that they have a body of light filling and surrounding their physical body, and even fewer know how to activate and awaken it.  Yet activation of your light body is a vital key to radiant health, strong immune system, positive emotional experience and true spiritual awakening.  Learn the facts about your light body in this brief video by Dr. Darren Starwynn.

​Light Body Activation, Part 2

Understanding something about your Assemblage Point is important if you have been dealing with anxiety, depression, ungroundedness or feeling on “overdrive”. These experiences are often associated with mis-alignment of your Assemblage Point. This short excerpt of a teaching in this video includes an actual demonstration of re-aligning a person’s Assemblage Point using a crystal wand.

​Light Body Activation, Part 3

​Through beautiful sounds and deeply evocative images this video will help you re-member and experience the truth of who you really are.  You will learn the Unified Field meditation for awakening and activating your light body.

Mystery ​Schools have existed through recorded human history

If you feel inwardly drawn to be part of Bridge to Mastery it is likely that your soul has participated in this sacred knowledge before and it is now your time to re-member it and progress further.

Develop Your Ability To Create Lasting Change In Your Clients

Bridge to Mastery is a continuing education school for professionals who wish to live their life from a place of deep love and awakened consciousness.  Cultivating these qualities while learning to deploy advanced treatment protocols leads to clinical mastery. It also brings greater personal fulfillment and financial abundance.



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