Lightworker Course for Acupuncturists and Holistic Practitioners


Four Video Lessons on the Science of the Light Body and Healing Transformations

Free of Charge to Healthcare Professionals.

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Video #1

What is a Lightworker and What is Ascension?


Video #2

Activating the Light Body and the Merkaba


Video #3

Rebooting Your Meditation Practice


Video #4

The Mystery School of Deep Transformation in Your Everyday Life

and Bonus Video


Video #5

The Seven Universal Laws of Healing

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I have created these videos and made them available at no cost to introduce a new series of live workshops and on-line programs I will be offering this Spring. Once you fill out the request form below you will receive one video by email every three days until you have them all. I will also inform you about the upcoming events.

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Since I’m so excited for you to experience what is in these videos here is a bonus offer. Simply watch each video you receive and then type a short comment in the comment box under it. After you do that with all four lessons you will receive the bonus video #5 – The Seven Universal Laws of Healing.

This is a modern overview of the 7 Hermetic laws that date back to ancient Egypt, and are the original basis of Five Element acupuncture, Frequency-Specific microcurrent, mind over matter, color therapy, manifestion, homeopathy, holography, the Kaballa and most metaphysical healing systems.