Microcurrent & Vibrational Medicine Program

How the Microcurrent & Vibrational Medicine Program works:

The program is crafted to meet the schedules of busy, engaged professionals and includes these elements:


Learn “best of the best” methods and techniques through watching concise online video lessons available 24-7, at your own pace. Fill out short worksheets after watching each lesson to increase your retention. Shannon and Darren have each contributed their best, most valuable techniques and teachings to this video knowledge base. Click here to view sample content of included lessons

Live, Interactive Webinars

One of the most enjoyable and valuable parts of the program are live Zoom sessions co-led by Darren and Shannon once a month. There is a specific clinical focus for each webinar, with teaching of specific treatment and evaluation protocols. Each live event includes ample time for Q & A, in which you can ask for guidance on treating challenging client conditions. Recordings of each live webinar will be posted in your Member Knowledge Base if you miss a live session, or wish to review any of them.


You are encouraged to network with other members through the MVMP program private forum. You can also post questions or discussion threads, an activity that benefits all. The topic for each live webinar will be posted on the forum to stimulate discussion about it before and after each live event.

Private Consultations

When you need personalized guidance or tutoring, private consultations with either of the instructors are available at extra cost. These can be scheduled through your Member home page.

Program Video Lessons

These video lessons are some of the most popular and appreciated lessons from Shannon and Darren’s workshops and trainings. Studying one or two of these 20–45 minute lessons each week will be enough to keep up with this part of the program, although you can move through them more quickly if you want.
After you watch each video lesson, you’ll be instructed to fill out a useful accompanying worksheet to help you retain your learning.

Module 1: Frequency-Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

  1. 1
    Lesson 1: Introduction to Microcurrent Therapy
  2. 2
    Lesson 2: Learning the Language of Frequencies
  3. 3
    Lesson 3: Demonstration MEND Pro
  4. 4
    Lesson 4: Myofascial Pain
  5. 5
    Lesson 5: Brain Tissues and Myofascial Pain
  6. 6
    Lesson 6: The Spinal Cord
  7. 7
    Lesson 7: Demonstration Patient V
  8. 8
    Lesson 8: The Nerves
  9. 9
    Lesson 9: Demonstration - Reflexes and Nerve Pain
  10. 10
    Lesson 10: Practicum Setups - The Spine and Nerve Roots

Module 1: Frequency-Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

  1. 11
    Lesson 11: The Spine and Myofascial Pain
  2. 12
    Lesson 12: Facetogenic Pain
  3. 13
    Lesson 13: Name the Problem
  4. 14
    Lesson 14: Ligamentous Laxity
  5. 15
    Lesson 15: Demonstration: Physical Medicine Evaluation
  6. 16
    Lesson 16: The Myofascial System
  7. 17
    Lesson 17: The Paradigm Shift
  8. 18
    Lesson 18: Demonstration - Myofascial Session
  9. 19
    Lesson 19: Treating Trauma
  10. 20
    Lesson 20: Major Joints of the Extremity

Module 2: Microcurrent Electro-Acupuncture (MEA)

  1. 1
    Lesson 1: FDA Status / Electrical Terminology
  2. 2
    Lesson 2: Microlight Principles and Rapid Release
  3. 3
    Lesson 3: Acutron introduction
  4. 4
    Lesson 4: Probe Techniques Overview
  5. 5
    Lesson 5: Trauma Chronic Pain Webinar
  6. 6
    Lesson 6: Rapid Release Part 1 Probe Techniques

Module 1: Frequency-Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

  1. 7
    Lesson 7: Rapid Release Part 2 Root Tx Chakras
  2. 8
    Lesson 8: Rapid Release Part 3 FSM & Microlight
  3. 9
    Lesson 9: Root Treatments Part 1 Mu Shu Technique
  4. 10
    Lesson 10: Root Treatments Part 2 Chakra Testing & Balancing
  5. 11
    Lesson 11: Root Treatments Part 3 Spinal Autonomic Balance


“I personally received such a healing during this course I am forever grateful – something I had been struggling with for so long has been cleared… the Quantum Field of light will be a part of every treatment from this day forward.” Ahnna Goossen, L.Ac., Gilroy, CA

This is personal nourishment and affirmation for each of us, not in intellectual knowledge as much as emotional, spiritual challenge to go inside and help clear ourselves so our abilities are enhanced as healers, doctors and simply as humans. Thank you for that. Joshua Piagentini, Acupuncturist, San Francisco, CA

“Darren is a joyful, unpretentious example of a great teacher. I came away with a renewed sense of dedication to help others using quantum healing, multi-dimensional clearing, voice dialogue, trauma release techniques and a general state of confidence as I move into new areas of healing. I am so grateful for this retreat and the Bridge to Mastery school.” Judith Hazelett, LMT, Payson, AZ

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