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A Source for Healing and Transformation

​Quantum Healing Science

A Source for Healing and Transformation

Ascension Practices | ​​​​Quantum Healing

What is Microcurrent?

What is ​​Quantum Healing Science?

In this 5 minute video, you will hear about a new way to understand the etiology of disease, and what is the essential difference between 5th dimensional Quantum healing and all other forms of medical, holistic or energetic systems that are based on a dualistic problem-solution paradigm.  I will share why the book title “All Sickness is Homesickness” is one of the clearest ways to describe Quantum Healing.  This short video can raise your consciousness about your own healing art!

​Quantum Healing and The Zero Point

​​Quantum Healing and The Zero Point

​Do you ever wonder what is the most essential requirement for relieving deep human suffering, and how you could more directly fulfill that need for your clients? If so you will enjoy this post. It includes some insights relating Quantum Physics to the practice of healing and medicine, as well as some of the “how” and “why” of Quantum Healing, as I see it.

​Placebos, Presence and the Zero Point

​​Placebos, Presence and the Zero Point

​This article starts out quoting research studies that have confirmed the high effectiveness of placebo treatments, and then goes on to offer a new explanation for why placebos work so well based on the “quantum field”.  The article concludes with guidance on how people can use Zero Point meditation to cultivate a “Presence” that fosters positive healing responses in others.

​Ascension Medicine

​The word Ascension refers to the rapidly shifting fields of energy and consciousness surrounding the Earth now, and deeply affecting all of us. These up-leveling energies are raising our consciousness levels. It is also acting like a massive spiritual purge, pulling all manner of buried and repressed emotions and conflicts from our sub-conscious minds to the surface.

​Three Steps to ​Fulfillment

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Bridge to Mastery

Watch this video and discover a career-building program like no other 

Develop Your Ability To Create Lasting Change In Your Clients

​Bridge to Mastery is a continuing education school for professionals who live their life from a place of deep love and awakened consciousness.  Cultivating these qualities while learning to deploy advanced treatment protocols leads to clinical mastery. It also brings greater personal fulfillment and financial abundance.


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