​​Research ​Study ​Citations

Ascension Practices Transformatio​​​​​nal Membership Community

​Research ​Study ​Citations

Ascension Practices Transformatio​​​​​nal Membership Community

​​Quantum Physics Studies

​1.  Nicolas Gisin University of Geneva demonstrating Quantum Entanglement

2.  Luke Montagne demonstrating electro-magnetic field emanations from DNA

3.  MIT study of ancient quasar light demonstrating Quantum Entanglement

4.  Poponin and Gariaev – DNA Phantom Effect

5.  More about Quantum Entanglement

6.  Dr. Mercola – DNA light emissions

7.  Good article about the research of Fritz Albert Popp

8.  NIH Abstract about DNA light emissions

9.  Consciousness and the Quantum Field

10.  Excellent book by Gregg Braden about universal field of consciousness:
The Divine Matrix, Hay House Publisher

Ancient Advanced Technologies

1.  ​Quantum Physics and String Theories

2.  ​Ancient Flying Machines

3.  ​Mayan Scientific Achievements

Sacred Geometry

1.  ​Life Design

2.  ​What is Phi?

3.  Book by Michael Schneider:  A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe, Harper Publisher

4.  Books by Drunvalo Melchizedek:  The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volumes I and II, Light Technology Publishing


Imagining the Sixth Dimension

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