Spiritual Energy Assessment

Your Primary Super Power is:

Vibrational Healer

You love healing tools and gadgets, and are fascinated by the healing power of light or sound.  You also may be a practitioner of a healing art that uses electro-therapies such as frequency specific microcurrent.  You may largely work through intuition or geek out with a more scientific, technical approach to frequency work.  You may also express your love of vibrations through music, and become an accomplished musician or composer.  Overall you are a healer and as you raise your consciousness you go more into the higher levels of subtle energy sensing and cosmic energy work.  Or you may be drawn into a path of creating music that heals, uplifts and helps free others.

Secondary Super Power


You are basically a wizard who delights in working with advanced energy technologies.  You are inventive, think out of the box and have a passion for facilitating human transformation.  You can think in global terms and connect with others who help you focus and manifest your visions and inventions.  As you raise your consciousness you learn how to internalize the benefits of healing devices into the pure power of intention and creative thought and become less focused on electronic devices.  Yet you may also use them as bridges to help people enter the higher life.