​​V​ibrational Therapies

A Source for Healing and Transformation

​V​ibrational Therapies

A Source for Healing and Transformation

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What is Microcurrent?

What is Microcurrent?

This article offers an overview of research studies and practical applications of microcurrent therapies.  If you are a clinician, and are not already using microcurrent in your practice, reading this may inspire you to want to start doing so.  This is a field that Dr. Starwynn helped advance starting in the early 1980’s by inventing the Acutron device and creating new treatment protocols for acupuncturists and estheticians.

​​Microcurrent and Consciousness

​Microcurrent and Consciousness

In this post I describe a multi-dimensional system combining microcurrent, color light therapies and client interactions that help shift their deeper consciousness and beliefs.  Microcurrent therapy is great, this is even greater!

FSM and Color Light Therapy for Fibromyalgia

FSM and Color Light Therapy for Fibromyalgia

​This ​article ​explores a multi-dimensional protocol for relieving fibromyalgia pain and debility using frequency-specific microcurrent in combination with color light therapy and Quantum Healing.

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​Bridge to Mastery is a continuing education school for professionals who live their life from a place of deep love and awakened consciousness.  Cultivating these qualities while learning to deploy advanced treatment protocols leads to clinical mastery. It also brings greater personal fulfillment and financial abundance.


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