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The Master Healer

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What is the "Master Healer?"

​When most people hear the term Master Healer they think of some kind of supernatural or mythic person. If they are healthcare professionals, they may feel some kind of inadequacy about themselves in comparison to the ideal of a “Master Healer”.

In reality Master Healer is an innate quality within many of us. For most people it is a part that is often not yet fully acknowledged or awakened. Master Healer is not one of the identities of the ego self. In fact this part works best when our small self is out of the way, allowing the miraculous to be expressed through us. It is the source of true magic.

Understanding The Gift

One of the cruel beliefs many practitioners and healers have is that some special people have the gift of powerful healing abilities, but they are not one of them. Therefore they need to accept a more conventional level of patient results and a life without much magic in it. It’s kind of like the basis of the Harry Potter stories, in which some people had true magical blood and therefore could learn to become powerful wizards and do supernatural things. Everybody else were “muggles” who were destined to live more mundane, un-magical lives.

It has been my observation that large numbers of doctors and health care practitioners have well-developed Master Healer abilities within them, yet are only expressing it to a limited extent in their day to day work. At some point they decided to focus on developing their more left-brained, analytical skills so they can better fit into the Western medical model. They turned away from their innate Master Healer abilities in favor of being included in the dream of our society, which largely denies the transcendent and the miraculous.

Desire for inclusion in our medical system is not the only reason practitioners push their Master Healer to the background. Another is a type of post-traumatic stress common in healers. Many people now working in the healing arts carry deep imprints of trauma or persecution related to sharing their healing or spiritual gifts in the past. In most cases this happened during what is often referred to as past lifetimes, so there is no conscious memory of those events. All that remains is a deep, un-named feeling of un-safety in regards to openly and publically expressing their Master Healer gifts.

How do you know?

  1. How can you know if you have innate Master Healer abilities within you waiting to be remembered and expressed? Following is a checklist of experiences. If you have had one or more of these experiences (even if rarely), it is likely that you have a well-developed inner Master Healer.
  1. ​You ha​​​​ve had:
  • Mystical or transcendent experiences

  • Clients or friends who reported seemingly miraculous improvements after receiving your care

  • A feeling of having greater unfulfilled potential than you have been able to fulfill so far
  1. Or, you have been through:

    “Dark nights of the soul” when you went through periods of depression, anxiety, chronic pain or sickness that made you confront the seeming gap between your spiritual healer potential and the more limited, materialistic reality of your current life. 

    Here is a real life example to make this point easier to understand.

    One of my current clients is an acupuncturist I will call Alice (name changed) I have known professionally for many years. She had expressed interest in participating in Bridge to Mastery Institute for over a year, but had been ambivalent about actually joining. During a follow-up phone call with Alice a few months ago she told me that she had been dealing with fairly severe chronic pain in her lower back. None of the treatments she had been trying had relieved the pain for more than a short time, including acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy and microcurrent.

    During the talk I sensed that this back pain was not just physical. I intuitively felt that it was also a kind of wake-up call from some part of her psyche wanting attention. I shared this with Alice, and how some inner work to acknowledge that part may help her recover. She saw the value in this and started some sessions and study with me.

    Alice and I had our most recent call last week. She told me that she had been doing some of the Quantum healing practices she had learned, and had raised her consciousness to the point of seeing that this pain episode had been motivating her to re-connect with a deeper level within herself. She now agreed that she had turned away from that part to pursue the more physical levels of her acupuncture practice, and that this was no longer fulfilling for her. Alice told me how she was experiencing heightened abilities to sense energy imbalances on the subtle energy level. Best of all, after over six months of incapacitating pain her pain levels were now down over 50% and steadily improving!

The Mass Awakening

  1. ​It is my observation and belief that growing numbers of people in the medical and holistic professions are having experiences similar to what Alice went through. This is part of the mass awakening of consciousness now taking place on our planet. These energies are bringing previously forgotten or repressed parts of ourselves up into our bodies and minds for re-cognition and integration. To the extent that we resist or deny these parts there is the likelihood of experiencing uncomfortable physical or emotional symptoms. These could be described as “an irresistible force meeting an immovable object”, at least until we are willing to acknowledge and feel the truth of these parts of ourselves.

    Could the Master Healer be one of these parts of you wanting more of your acceptance?

    Over the last year I have had the privilege to support a group of acupuncturists and other health professionals learn about and get in touch with their higher level healing abilities. They have told me about many heart-touching experiences that they have had as they learned to facilitate more breakthrough healing experiences for their clients than they had previously believed possible. 

    If you are reading this piece you have the potential for true magic inside of you. I’ll be so bold as to say that if you can dream of expressing your Master Healer self, and living a life in which you fulfill more of your greater purpose and visions, than you can.

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