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Enjoy Your Free Gift - ​Zero Point Meditation

The Zero Point is the center point of your consciousness where there is always silence and one-ness. You can learn to access the direct experience of the Zero Point, even in the midst of busy or stressful events. In this brief guided meditation Darren Starwynn guides you in a simple process of locating and meditating on your Zero Point, thereby stepping into the peace and light of your true self.

 Customer ​Testimonials

​I truly appreciated Darren’s ability to teach energetic and 5th dimensional content in a tangible way that is duplicatable, informative, and can be used in a clinical setting. His clear knowledge and experience in Quantum healing shines through in his teaching and passion for the work.

Roeshan Shadravan, D.O., O.M.D

​Encinitas, CA

​Caryn Caroll


I’m really excited about using Quantum Healing because I can access my intellect and my intuition and they are in a perfect marriage where I can now trust that the answers are coming through are correct.  Self-doubt has melted away. That’s the mastery I have been looking for. 

​Shannon Morse

Owner Nutrition and Lifestyle 

​The structure, flow and balance of this retreat was extremely well done.  It was a lovely blend of applicable tools, practical application exercises and creativity with an infusion of fun.  Darren holds a wonderful space for participants to process, discover, share and ascend!

Larry Fujimoto


The level of skills and knowledge that were taught are at a Master level.  I would encourage any acupuncturist, massage therapist or physician to look into this man’s great knowledge and skills. 

Meet Dr. Starwynn

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