Growth and Integration Program Early 2023

From May 23, 2023. The first in the new series of meditations for the Growth and Integration program.

June 8, 2023. A one hour 45 minute sharing and transmuting session.  Lots of participation and support.

June 20, 2023. This is an exquisite practice of Spiritual Alchemy which you can be in one breath at at time throughout your day or in sitting practice.

July 4, 2023.  Theme is claiming independence from the conditioned mind through the power of devotion.

July 11, 2023.  Theme is experiencing your true self beyond the mind, and the amplification of the group field.

July 25, 2023.  Theme is attuning to Christ Consciousness. It was a beautiful meeting and full of crystalline light.

August 8, 2023.  Connecting with the ocean of pure consciousness, bringing it to purify the central channel and lower chakras.

August 29, 2023.  Healing the ups and downs of life through coursing the Radiance through your lower chakras, more

September 12, 2023.  More coursing Radiance through lower chakras, how to self rescue using this practice

September 26, 2023.  A high process of self realization as the One, along with infusion of lower chakras in Radiance

October 10, 2023.  Deep meditation in our group field, included extending Quantum Healing to the MIddle East and other places of warfare.

A gorgeous experience of the new level we are working on in this program. More spiritual alchemy.

June 13, 2023. This one is worth hearing a few times if you are seeking a way to stay in the truth of who you are in the midst of crazymaking internal and external noise.

June 27, 2023. Going further with Spiritual Alchemy, reclaiming spiritual gold from what appears to be stress.

July 8, 2023  The time flew by in this mini-retreat - in unhurried meditations, enlightened discussions and practice time with each other. 

July 18, 2023.  Infusing your lower chakras with Radiance, transmuting density into Presence.

August 1, 2023.  We welcomed some new people to this beautful meditation. The Field was clear and strong.

August 22, 2023.  Awakening consciousness to the divine field already here and now, worshipping through your Central Channel

September 5, 2023.  Connecting with and flowing your Avatar transmissions, connecting with the Comforter of the Holy Spirit within your breath.

September 19, 2023.  This practice session included a form of Microcosmic Orbit meditation called Cobra Breath

October 3, 2023.  Deep practice of Central Channel breathing along with working with the Field

October 17, 2023.  Lower Chakra grounding meditation, included extending Quantum Healing to the MIddle East and other places of warfare.