Mastercourse Bonus Videos

This is an interview with Lina Shanklin, Quantum Relationship coach. It includes guidance for attracting  a well-matched romantic partner through "conjuring", as well as help for improving relationships you are already in.  

This bonus class offers valuable insights and specific practical guidance for realizing the next step of your work and service, based on Quantum principles. There was focus on each individual who attended, plus a valuable new method for tranmuting dense energys of your past holding you back.

Everyone loved this class! We helped each other craft a succinct phrase you can use to introduce yourself and your services to others. Handout for this class is in the Handouts list below.

This bonus video offers an overview of how to create superior clinical outcomes for people suffering with chronic pain, neuropathy, depression and much more with the use of vibrational, or energy medicine.

This Business Development Intensive, Part One took place on December 9, 2023, and had several sections. The first was a process of "letting go of hell" to step into bringing heaven to Earth, and the second part in-depth writing exercises to discover who your tribe is of ideal clients and connect with them. Handout links are on this page.