Meditation and Energy Upgrade Session Recordings 2022

Meditation session #1. Contains introductory comments about motivation to meditate, and focuses on Central Channel Breathing (CCB), a key practice for the Mastercourse. You can access more detailed instructions for CCB in Knowledge Base / Guided Meditation videos on this site.

We went deep into Central Axis Breathing, the prime meditation method for this Mastercourse. For more details on this practice, see Knowledge Base/Guided Meditations, Awakening the Avatar Within or The Energy Codes by Sue Morter. A shorter version with no qigong can be found in Knowledge Base. I recommend that you watch it several times!

Meditation session #3  Moving from Qigong movement into sitting meditation on breath, opening to the direct experience of your Avatar transmission, and the amplification of the group light body.  Downloadable Mp3 audio file also included below video. Very high vibration in this meditation, worth listening to several times.

Meditation session #4

Meditation session #5 - As individuals and as a group, our divine avatar transmissions are coming through more clearly.  This session showed that.

Meditation Session #6  - In this guided meditation I introduced a practice to activate your Light Body.

Meditation session #7: We focused on MerKaBa Light Body Activation and Central Axis Breathing. Audio also included (above) 

Meditation session #9:  Our group is going higher each session! This one included a beautiful transmission of energy. Audio included

Meditation session #11 - Post Retreat meditation. Noticing how transformed and transforming we are.  Light Body practice.

Meditation session #13 - This was a very heart opening meditation session, including the Inner Smile and attuning to Jesus, Divine Mother and Metatron

 Meditation # 8: This was a particularly deep meditation session, including Central Axis Breath and Merkaba. Audio also included.

Meditation session #10:  This one started with standing Qigong, working with light ball and Cosmic Heart. Then into an intuitive practice of MerKaBa

Meditation session #12 - After a late start, we went into Central Axis breathing focus and the importance of being able to let go.

Meditation session #14 - A new breath pattern for Light Body activation and a strong conclusion to the Mastercourse.