Quantum Meditation Recordings

October 10, 2023.  Deep meditation in our group field, included extending Quantum Healing to the MIddle East and other places of warfare.

October 24, 2023.  Focus on grounding into Earth Star, boosting vitality / rejuvenation through the Navel chakra

November 7, 2023.  Refinements of Central Channel breathing, magic times of day to meditate

November 21, 2023.  Grounding Radiance, descending Soul Star into body for building Radiance

December 5, 2023.  Charging yourself with Universal Energy, Inner Smile

December 26, 2023.  Grounding meditation, Radiance Breath, color visualizations

January 9, 2024.  Light body through chakra activation, grounding.

October 3, 2023.  Deep practice of Central Channel breathing along with working with the Field

October 31, 2023.  Going deep on Central Channel Breathing meditation. Note - focus on solar plexus and navel chakras separately as you move your focus.

November 14, 2023.  Infusing lower chakras with Radiance and self-love, Inner Embrace

November 28, 2023.  Practices for embracing your inner shadow self and raising your frequency.

December 12, 2023. Charging yourself with Universal Energy Part Two

January 2, 2024.  Grounding meditation, Radiance Breath, color visualizations, releasing old identity

January 16, 2024.  Grounding breath, self-healing through Radiance breath.