I felt a tremendous release of trauma that has been embedded in my tissues for decades

M.H. artist, musician

I worked with Dr. Starwynn during a crisis period for myself and my father who was stuck in the ICU with severe pancreatitis, followed by a botched gallbladder surgery. The 5th Dimensional energy healing work was an incredible life-changing experience. He went from a white blood cell count of 37 all the way down to 15 (12 and under is the normal range). Thank you so much for saving my father’s pancreas, kidneys, digestive health, and most of all his life! It means the world to me.

Dr. A.N.

After my session with Darren I felt light, bright, centered, aligned, grounded, resilient, and vibrant. I enjoyed his kind, knowledgeable, multimodal approach.

M.A., healer

A lot of the negativity and depression started fading away and changes in my personal and professional life started to happen.

R.G., tech developer

The whole experience of ancestral clearing was so powerful


I have absolutely loved my 5D sessions with Darren! I feel renewed strength and connection to my passion, purpose and gifts I’m here to share.

C.T., healer, musician

WOW, I am absolutely blown away. I haven’t felt this good in at least a few months!! I feel so much stronger. After what I experienced yesterday and how I’m feeling today I want you to know I am eternally grateful. You opened a door for me that has been closed way too long!

C.H., acupuncturist

For my whole life I never felt fully present in my body. After working with you I feel more robust, more complete, more optimistic, really present with others, really fully here for the first time.


What an amazing experience today to have met you and then see Elke be able to move her whole leg over and over again. She hasn’t done this is four weeks. This is really miraculous! My friends were speechless. It was the best day ever!

N.M., realtor

I have finally found someone who helped me by working with root causes, to feel better physically, mentally and spiritually

H.B., psychotherapist

I had been to other acupuncturists before and could not tell any difference after the treatments. After the first treatment with you I felt much less pain. After each session I felt significantly better. The work you did on opening my heart was phenomenal.

Y.E., Cancer patient

My whole body feels amazingly relaxed and pain free. You are also an excellent reader. Your clear flows have helped me immensely.

C.F., comedienne

I feel like a major shift in my consciousness occurred. I actually felt shifts of energy during the session which has been rare for me

S.D, Tech Startup Founder

I am a mortgage broker and mother of 3 children. I recently had two healing sessions with Darren Starwynn. This was a new experience for me and it was amazing! I experienced feelings of deep connection to my spiritual source, and waves of energy moving through my body. It was super relaxing and it felt like all kinds of deep discomforts and anxiety melted out of my body. I came with some nagging back pain and it was gone after the first session. I have been a regular meditator for years, and I do healing work myself, but this felt like a whole new level of connection that I loved

T.S., broker

I am very happy to have met Darren. He led me to another spiritual space and healing energy spectrum huge and limitless. I just opened a new window in my healing field and I am very excited about newer, broader and deeper (spiritual, physical, emotional energy fields) journey in my future life. Thank you very much!

Ming-Sung A., acupuncturist

Imagine my immeasurable good fortune to have you appear in my life, to find you, just the right person who can guide and navigate me in and through my request to wake up. I can’t remember feeling this much relaxation and ease in my body. And no more headaches!

Sharon N., client

Testimonials from Workshop Attendees

Throughout Darren created a safe, open space to allow us to be. I felt his presence and space he held for us as a group. I felt that the workshop gave me some tools to take home to practice, would love more!”


I am very grateful that you have created this dynamic process for unwinding pain patterns that have been difficult to treat. This is no longer an issue. Your state of the art presentation has set the highest standard for the medical healing arts.

M.S., Acupuncturist

This workshop provided me with some invaluable tools from which I can continue to heal. Darren provided a compassionate and safe container facilitating group experimental opportunities in which healing breakthroughs occurred. I had a profound healing breakthrough, much gratitude. I especially liked the use of the drum and guitar.


This event was magical in bringing us on a path to the Divine. The teaching went deeply into my soul and they gave me bliss and deep feelings of love.


I have released a lot of energy. I feel open and expansive, can’t help but smile. I feel connected to the unified field of greater intelligence. Thank you so much Darren.


First, wow, thank you. You really showed up, you were so sincere, so genuine. This set the tone in a great way. You were very inviting, very welcoming. There was a good variety in the experiences, from didactic, to story, to image, to music. This brought freshness from what I have experienced in some workshops where it is too heady, or too experiential. The healing work you demonstrated was fantastic, and you stepped into a demonstration with sensitivity.


Please, please keep doing what you are doing. No one is doing this spiritual work for healers. Not the way you do. I am increasing my vibrational quickly and exponentially.

K.B, Acupuncturist

Dr. Starwynn – you are very connected and extremely eloquent in presenting an as yet unknown field and reality. I have enjoyed the blending of physics, quantum and Spirit.

A.K., MS, AP, Dipl. Ac.

I am very happy to meet Dr. Starwynn and his assistant. They led me to another spiritual space and healing energy spectrum huge and limitless. I just opened a new window in my healing field and I am very excited about newer, broader and deeper (spiritual, physical, emotional energy fields) journey in my future life. Thank you very much!

M.A., L.Ac