The Quantum Physics – Acupuncture Connection

Acupuncturists and quantum physicists have a lot in common.  They are both working in fields that are rooted in an inter-connected Universe.  According to traditional Taoist cosmology everything in the universe is connected to everything else – nothing is separate.  This makes the universe a huge holographic field in which each part contains the whole, just as people’s ears contain an interactive map of the entire body.

Taoism views humans as microcosms of the Universe, and each of our Organs has a direct correspondence to a phase of energy movement.  Acupuncture was originated in ancient times as a system for balancing and re-harmonizing the human body and psyche with the cycles of nature.  Ancient Taoism also included the principle of wu wei, or results with minimal action, a quality often embodied by effective and experienced acupuncturists.

Recent trends toward “modernizing” the acupuncture profession to better fit into the paradigms of our allopathic medical professions is a mixed bag.  The benefit is that this trend is creating more jobs for acupuncturists and helping increase acceptance of our services.  I believe that it is vital, however, that in this process we don’t leave behind the deep cosmic roots of our profession, the place from where its greatest power springs.

The field of Quantum physics was developed by European physicists starting in 1925.  They observed the strange behavior of photons of light that were not following the laws of Newtonian physics, which had been the basis for explaining the physical universe up to that time.  The field has grown rapidly since then.  Quantum physicists have performed numerous laboratory experiments that have confirmed the ancient Taoist view of a holographic universe in which everything is inter-connected with everything else.

In this article I will provide some striking examples of quantum research studies and theories that are literally mindblowing in their scope and implications for our reality.

#1:  We have nuclear power in our bodies

There is massive amounts of energy locked into matter, as expressed in Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2   According to this equation, if all the energy in one gram of matter (like a few grains of rice) was converted into matter it would produce about the same release of energy as the atom bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.  It could power a 100 watt light bulb for 30,000 years or power a small city for a few weeks.

Suffice it to way, there is vast untapped power in the molecules of our body.  Patients complaining about fatigue actually have no lack of available energy in their bodies!  Something in their energy processing systems, or in the conditioning of their minds, is blocking their access to their innate energy.

#2  DNA communicates

DNA exists in all our cells as double helix spirals, and carries genetic information in the form of nucleotides.

The science of epigenetics has confirmed that our DNA is directly affected by our environment, lifestyle and mental-emotional states through changes in gene expression.  Therefore the condition of our DNA affects every aspect of our health and experience.  Some scientists have also documented that DNA radiates light that communicates throughout our bodies, creating an information network more powerful than any human-build supercomputer.

In the early 1970’s German scientist Fritz Albert Popp started a wave of research using sensitive test equipment called photomultipliers to measure light emitted by DNA in plants, animals and humans. He called this phenomenon biophoton emissions, and that term has become widely used since then.

Here are some of Popp’s findings through his many documented studies:

  1. DNA emits electro-magnetic fields in the form of biophoton light emissions that communicate with all the other DNA in the body.
  2. Analysis of the biophoton emissions coming off all living things reveal their state of health or disease.
  3. Plants that were physically together at one time and then separated many miles apart remain intimately connected to each other. A stimulation or injury to one plant will trigger a simultaneous, measureable change in the other.
  4. People with cancer have greatly diminished biophoton emission in the area of their tumors. People with multiple sclerosis have elevated levels of biophoton emissions, apparently triggering over-stimulation of their nervous systems and degeneration.

#3.  Electrons at far distances from each other keep dancing together

In 1997 Dr. Nicolas Gisin and his team from the University of Geneva proved that pairs of electrons sent to opposite sides of Geneva through fiber optic cables moved in total synchrony with each other.  This phenomenon is known as quantum entanglement, and has been confirmed in numerous international studies.

#4.  Our DNA creates electro-magnetic fields that inter-relate with the universal holographic field.

In landmark research studies from Russia it has been proven that electro-magnetic fields generated by the presence of DNA persist long after a physical DNA specimen was removed from the test systems.  This has been called the DNA Phantom Effect by Russian researchers Vladimir Poponin and Peter Gariaev.

These and other research from the science of epigenetics and quantum physics demonstrate that:

  1. Our environment and lifestyle, as well as our thoughts and feelings directly affect DNA throughout our bodies by switching gene expressions on and off
  2. DNA is holographic, and its biophoton emissions instantaneously communicate with all other DNA throughout our bodies
  3. The biophoton emissions of the DNA in our bodies also inter-communicate throughout the holographic field of the universe because everything in the universe is inter-connected

So what are the implications of this for acupuncturists and other health professionals?   Everything!

Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying:

“no problem can be solved in the same level of consciousness that created it.”

So when you have patients with chronic pain, diseases or ongoing anxiety who are not responding adequately to your treatments, what can you do?

The solution is in consciousness.  Like Einstein said, it is vital that you and your clients work together in a different state of consciousness than the one that created the problem.  You can do this by stepping out of the dualistic problem-solution consciousness into a field of one-ness known as Tao, or in modern terms the Quantum Field.  We can expand our thinking and belief systems to allow us to do our clinical work within this place of unlimited possibilities.  This is a modern fulfillment of the vision ancient Taoist masters had as they originated the art of acupuncture.

Editor’s Note:  To view details on the research studies mentioned in this article and receive a free Light Body guided meditation email Darren to request it (contact info below).


Darren Starwynn has over 30 years experience in Chinese Medicine.  He has developed healing technologies for acupuncturists, written three books and is Director of Bridge to Mastery Institute, an online school for acupuncturists and physicians.  Darren currently practices in Marin County, California and can be reached through his websites or  Email:


  • Rita says:

    Thank you for the synopsis. After reading most of the Divine Matrix, I see this view more clearly….Emotions>>DNA….DNA>>environment (universe)….environment(universe)>>DNA and expresses in our bodies. I have been experimenting the last few days with holding the frequency of Love, to the best of my ability, with strangers and noting the qualities of these encounters. The results were more than I ever expected. Darren, thank you for all you do to serve and your generosity.
    Rita S

  • Judith Hazelett says:

    Very clear blog…thank you:)

  • alan plenty says:

    thank you for the encouraging article

  • Sinval Andrade dos Santos says:

    Dear Dr Starwynn
    Another excellent publication of his own.
    Thank you.
    Sinval Andrade dos Santos, MD.

  • Carol Koogler says:

    A beautiful and concise summary of the quantum field and its relation to acupuncture and other energy modalities.
    For a very long time, practitioners have felt that the solution to restoring health is deeper than physical. The ancient Taoist Masters were right but experience was the only proof. Quantum physics has now given us the proof that many need to accept, explore and expand the use of the power of the quantum field healing ourselves and the planet.