How to Work with the Soul of Your Business

In this post I will share some powerful principles of spiritual finances.  What you are about to read has been working for me for some years, and I am happy to share it with you.

When you learn to connect with and work with the soul of your business, and the souls of your current and prospective customers, you move into the realm of higher dimensional financial flow.  You will be able to fulfill your vision and creativity more readily.  You will also be able to connect with those you wish to do business with more consciously and directly.

The benefits of working with the soul of your business, staff and customers includes:

  1. More clear and effective decision making.  By helping key managers open their spiritual communication channels larger businesses will benefit from the clarity of higher guidance.
  1. Creating better simpatico, inspiration and efficiency within teams.
  1. Reducing lost time at work by preventing more pain and illness.
  1. Improving the health, vitality and morale of employees and executives.
  1. Soul marketing to reach more new and former customers on the level of heart and soul, thus increasing business.
  1. Inspiration for research and development new products and services that serve new or unmet needs for greater numbers of people.
  1. Greater satisfaction and fulfillment on the part of management and employees.

There is already a significant trend of large corporations bringing meditation and mindfulness training into their workplace.  Companies offering meditation classes for staff include Google, Proctor and Gamble, Yahoo, AOL Time Warner, Apple and Nike.  This is a positive trend, but these companies are only tapping into a small bit of the potential of soul-guided business.

Let’s take a look at some basic principles of soul guided business.

First of all, what is “higher dimensional business”?  Well, yes, it is a most fair request to ask for clarification when a term such as this is used that could be misconstrued as New Age gobbledygook.

The simplest way to define this is to say that higher dimensions of existence vibrate at higher frequencies, and are less ruled by the limitations of the gross material plane.  (I didn’t mean “gross” as a value judgment, BTW).   The 3rd dimension that our bodies and lower minds dwell in is full of limitations.  After all, there is only so much material stuff for growing populations of people.  Our bodies are subject to disease and death, and in this condition we have developed sizable egos to make sure that we or our tribe gets enough of the “stuff”.  That brings up competition, scarcity and often warfare.  We know that well.

For the purpose of this post what is most significant about the 3rd, physical dimension is that things usually manifest slowly.  It takes time to collect enough stuff, money, the right partnerships, deal with regulations, deal with ourselves and all that.  And, there are often struggle and setbacks.

In the higher dimensions things can manifest much more quickly, and with less time, effort and struggle.  There is much less urge to compete since there is greater recognition of the truth that each of us is a creator being who can summon infinite resources.

According to Tao teachings everything has a soul.  Every person, animal, mountain, planet, galaxy and cell in our bodies has its own innate intelligence.  Souls are the spark of the Divine within matter.  As such souls are inter-connected.  Souls are not limited by time, space or scarcity unless there is a soul blockage.

What does this mean for business?

Souls serve.  That is what they love to do.  A business is a collaboration of souls, brought together to offer service.  This is true whether the service is manufacturing, retail, a restaurant, sports team or a doctor’s office.  We are all offering service.  When we offer service we attract virtue, often called De in Buddhist teachings.  Virtue on the soul level is equivalent to money on the material level.  So when souls serve they create and attract virtue into the business’s virtue bank.  Virtue can be transformed into money, and often is.

So why are so many businesses struggling and feeling the pinch of shrinking incomes and increasing expenses if we are creating all this virtue?  The simple answer is that businesses are also a collective of the soul, mind and body blockages of the individuals in the business.  These blockages are what bring about employees lost time at work due to sickness, chronic pain and personal dramas.  Soul or mind blockages can also foster self-sabotage on the part of the business owners, even if they are not consciously aware of it.

Another factor could be that the business owners are steering the business according to their mental beliefs and past programming rather than their higher guidance.  Higher guidance, or soul guided decision-making, usually holds much greater potential for bigger success because it is in alignment with the principle of the greatest good for all rather than more self-centered aims.  This creates much more virtue, and yes, can create much more money.

Just as most businesses rely on technologies to fulfill their purpose and run their offices there are soul technologies that any business owner can learn.

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