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  • Joan-Angela Hess says:

    Thank you❣

  • Mylinh says:

    Ahhh, i understand the explanation so much better with this video. She does not mention if we should spin it clockwise or counterclockwise, any ideas or does it not matter? I can feel the power with this.

    • darren says:

      I sense that the Merkaba platforms are spinning both ways – right to left and left to right, plus standing still. Multi dimensional spin pattern, as described by Drunvalo

  • Carol says:

    This video helps my visualization immensely. I can really begin to internalize it now. Thanks Darren!

  • Laurie says:

    Enjoying the guided mediations with beautiful visualizations Thank you Darren .
    I am feeling very grateful to receive this and creating this as a part of my meditation .
    Good for me to watch it to get the subtle details as skill and knowledge building exercise and
    to relax into the meditation to good deeper .