Webinar Recordings

Webinar from March 15, 2023

MVMP Live Webinar from January 18, 2023
This excellent webinar was recorded May 23, 2023, and offers guidance on using the expanded frequency sequences offered through this program.
MVMP Live Webinar – February 15, 2023
MVMP Member Webinar #1 Nov 17, 2022
MVMP Member Webinar Dec 15, 2022
New Acutron Techniques / Immune Stimulation
Inner and Outer Rejuvenation
The Next Step for Myofascial Therapists
Vibrational Medicine and Microcurrent
This webinar from Darren Starwynn taught how to integrate frequency specific protocols offered on the Acutron tablet with Microlight chakra testing and balancing and an introduction to Quantum Healing.